TCEQ Notice: TCEQ posted this public notice in mid-May 2016 announcing the permit application that would allow Denali Water Solutions to dump treated sewage sludge from Hornsby Bend on over 2000 acres of land in Bastrop county.

Application submitted to TCEQ: A scanned copy of the complete application (over 300 pages) was received in three pdfs consisting of the application form itself, attachments to the application and a response to deficiencies. Individual sections have been extracted and appropriately titled.

TCEQ Permitting Process Timeline: Learn the basics of what to expect as the permitting process moves forward.

Overview: Public Participation in Environmental Permitting: A more detailed description of the TCEQ permitting process. It is also availble in PDF format here.

Sludge Use, Disposal, And Transportation: The TAC 30 (Texas Administrative Code) sludge regulations. These documents are also available in PDF format here.


EPA's 503 rule: Chapter and verse legalizing land application of toxic waste. If you want live links, go to the EPA website.

EPA's Biosolids Risk Assessments Guide: The data crunching rationale behind the EPA's 503 sludge rule

EPA Biosolids: The greenwashing of toxic waste starts with the EPA. Reality check: A Whistleblower's Story


LPGCD aquifer maps: These are in PDF format. Calvert Bluff - Hooper - Simsboro - Carrizo - Sparta - Queen City

Floodplain Map: Bastrop County's Floodplain Administrastor provided this very detailed map of the proposed sludge application site.

Area Map: This rather confusing map submitted with the application shows the location and area of the proposed dump site, Almost all of the proposed area is over the Wilcox outcrop and also is within the Cedar Creek floodplain to the north. The image requires rotation and even at that is not oriented due north.


Cyrier and Watson letter: This letter dated June 13, 2016 was sent to the TCEQ to request a public meeting on the proposed sludge dump.

Denali Fayette withdrawal letter: Letter from Denali Water Solutions to the TCEQ withdrawing the application for a sludge dump in Fayette county.

Denali Bastrop withdrawal letter: Letter from Denali Water Solutions to the TCEQ withdrawing the application for a sludge dump in Bastrop county.

TCEQ's acknowledgment of the withdrawal: TCEQ's pro forma response.

Judge Pape to the TCEQ: TCEQ's official acknowledgment of Judge Pape's cover letter and Bastrop County Commissioners' Resolution opposing Denali's permit application.


What's in that sludge: Well-referenced list of regulated and unregulated contents found in sludge.

How safe is sludge?: In the TCEQ's own words.



Toxic Avengers: A history of sludge written in 1999 By Laura Orlando

Sludge News: Another excellent offering from Laura Orlando.


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