Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Commenting to the TCEQ

The TCEQ is receiving quite a few comments about the proposed sludge dump in Cedar Creek. Some are asking for a public meeting. That’s a good thing and much needed. But just what else is the TCEQ looking for in a comment?

Well, your opinion on the project is irrelevant to their review. Complaints about loss of property value is conveniently out of their jursisdiction so save your breath. And a NIMBY defense is no defense. Bottom line . . . they really don’t care what you want or don’t want.

Substantive comments WILL catch their attention. Think of the BIG picture as many of you have already done. Hammer them about how this project would impact water quality for you personally and in the region. Many of you have commented about sludge going into Cedar Creek but even more pressing is the fact that the dump site is located over the Wilcox aquifer outcrop. The outcrop is where rainwater enters the aquifer. And rainwater falling on toxic sludge will wash contaminants in the sludge into the aquifer(s). Also describe how a sludge dump would affect you personally in your daily life, with your health and family, with your livelihood. Detailed comments are especially important if you already have or are considering requesting ‘affected party status’ in a potential Contested Case Hearing.

So keep those comments coming but really be thoughtful about what you’re saying. We will be putting together a list of talking points in the coming days to help you out. If you want to add something later you may do so as many times as necessary within this open comment period.